A range that praises the Portuguese flavour, in a practical format for recurring consumption, always at affordable prices.

Farinheira Sabor Português
Black Pudding Portuguese Flavour
Spicy Fine Pork Sausage Portuguese Flavour
Fine Pork Sausage Portuguese Flavour
Spicy Chorizo Portuguese Flavour
Chorizo Portuguese Flavour

A range of regional flavours, where the recipes take you back to the origins in an offering of cured hams and smoked meats.

Smoked Ham Vc
Smoked Ham ATM
Transmontano Chorizo
Beirão Chorizo
Alentejano Chorizo

A range of products where tradition takes pride of place when producing our charcuterie, with an offer in various formats.

Bacon Fumado Metades
Extra Chorizo
Chouriço Picante
Spicy Chouricitos
Fine Pork Sausage
Spicy Fine Pork Sausage
Fine Pork Garlic Sausage
Black Pudding
Chourição Inteiro
Chourição Castelhano Inteiro
Whole Salami
Cured Loin Halves
Whole Smoked Pork Shoulder
Whole Smoked Bacon
Whole Bacon 100%
Whole Selected Smoked Bacon
Half Selected Smoked Bacon
Piece of Selected Smoked Bacon
Torresmos Nacos