time of kings

In the Damatta brand we preserve with dedication the techniques and experiences acquired over several generations, since 1907. It is this respect for tradition that brings genuineness and authenticity to the taste of our cured and smoked products.



Our products are the result of a rigorous selection of raw materials and a demanding quality control during the entire manufacturing process. It is part of our DNA to maintain high standards of quality, food safety, and hygiene. Always with the daily commitment of bringing you an exclusive and carefully selected collection of the best products, so that the final product is surprisingly unforgettable.

Our Cured


Every story has its origin and ours begins in Envendos, a village where tradition remains untouched, with its very own environmental and climatic characteristics, favourable to the production and curing of ham. But, above all, it is the legacy of the " know-how" shared between generations that gives our products a unique profile, with a distinct and authentic flavour, which makes them a national legend.

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Smoked Pork Portions

We have followed tradition for over 110 years. We respect the old recipes that are passed on from generation to generation, and we use the old-fashioned smoking method, with cork and holm oak wood, which gives our chorizos their true flavour.