A range that praises the Portuguese flavour, in a practical format for recurring consumption, always at affordable prices.

Cured Dry Ham Appetizer Portuguese Falvour
Sliced Cured Dry Ham Portuguese Falvour

A range of regional flavours, where the recipes take you back to the origins in an offering of cured hams and smoked meats.

Cured Ham 9 M Slices vacuum
Cured Ham 14 M Slices vacuum

A range of products where tradition takes pride of place when producing our charcuterie, with an offer in various formats.

Sliced Cured Ham Gran Reserva
Cured Ham Slices
Sliced Chourição Castelhano and Salami
Sliced Selected Smoked Bacon
Thin Sliced Chourição Castelhano
Sliced Chourição Castelhano
Sliced Chourição
Sliced Salami
Sliced Cured Loin
Sliced Cured Ham

A range for those who like to share and snack, offering a mix of flavours in one pack.

Tapas Chourição Castelhano
Tapas Ham
Sliced Cured Ham
Cured Ham Slices vacuum